Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Air Conditioner

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Air Conditioner

When scheduling a new air conditioner placement for your home, selecting the correct size and model to fit your needs is crucial. However, choosing the right location for an AC installation in Irvine is equally important. The location can affect the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioner significantly. Here are essential considerations to help you select the best spot for your new outdoor air conditioner.

Tree Coverage

When considering where the outside part of the AC should be placed, consider deciduous trees for seasonal coverage. Since deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall, sunlight reaches the air conditioner in the winter when it’s not in use. During the hot summer months, the dense foliage provides sufficient shade, keeping the unit cooler and improving its efficiency.

Shaded Location

Another essential factor to consider if you are wondering where to place an air conditioner is finding a shaded location. Placing an AC installation in a shaded area improves its efficiency, as the unit is not exposed to direct sunlight. If your air conditioner is directly exposed to sunlight, it has to work harder to cool down your home, causing increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. Before you choose the right location for installing a new AC, consider a shaded area to protect the unit from the sun.

Grass or Mulch Placement

Another vital factor to consider when considering where to place an air conditioner is the ground cover. Surrounding the unit with grass or mulch regulates the temperature and prevents overheating. Grass and mulch do not maintain heat like concrete or asphalt, ensuring optimum performance throughout. In addition, ensure you maintain the area regularly to keep it clean and free of obstructions.

Pet Deterrence

If you have pets, it’s essential to ensure that the air conditioner is installed in a location that is inaccessible to them. Pets can chew on wires, urinate on the components, or use the area around it as a play zone. These actions can cause serious damage, costly repairs, and potentially hazardous situations. It is advisable to erect a protective barrier that prevents children and pets from playing near the unit for safety.

When it comes to where you should place an air conditioner, considering these factors can ensure efficiency, longevity, and comfort. Contact us at 24Seven Heating and Cooling and schedule a consultation with our experts to ensure that your air conditioner operates optimally and remains in good condition for years.

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