The Reason AC Lights Dim When the Unit Is Running

The Reason AC Lights Dim When the Unit Is Running

If your lights dim when your AC turns on, it might not raise concerns initially. However, frequent flickering can show underlying issues that require attention. With summer around the corner, the last thing you want is a malfunction when you rely on your unit the most. Let’s look at the reasons lights flicker when the AC kicks on.

Electrical System Overload

Frequent dimming can show that your electrical system is overloaded. Modern homes usually have many electrical devices running simultaneously, and adding an AC unit can strain the system. If your home’s wiring or circuit breaker panel is outdated or insufficient for your power needs, it might be time to upgrade. An overloaded system can cause lights to dim when the AC comes on, posing a safety hazard.

Inadequate Wiring

Another reason lights flicker when the HVAC turns on is inadequate or outdated wiring. Older homes usually have wiring that isn’t equipped to handle the electrical load of modern appliances. If the wiring is too thin or made of outdated materials, it might not conduct electricity efficiently, causing voltage drops when using high-demand appliances like the AC. If your home has old wiring, hire an electrician to inspect and upgrade your wiring before things worsen.

Circuit Breaker Issues

A malfunctioning or damaged circuit breaker can also cause lights to blink when the AC comes on. Ensuring high-power appliances like air conditioners are on separate circuits can prevent this problem. Consult a professional electrician to reconfigure your circuit breaker panel, providing better electrical load distribution.

Voltage Drop

A voltage drop in your home’s electrical system can cause lights to dim when the AC turns on. Voltage drop occurs when the electrical current flowing through the wiring is too high for the system’s capacity. This can be because of long wiring runs, undersized wires, or corroded connections. Effective ways to address voltage drops include upgrading wiring, improving connections, or installing voltage stabilizers.

When lights dim after your AC turns on, it can be a minor inconvenience or a sign of a more significant electrical issue. Understanding the potential causes can help you address the problem effectively. Take a proactive approach and consult a professional air conditioning service in Laguna Beach. The experts at 24Seven Heating & Cooling will evaluate your home’s electrical system and make necessary upgrades or repairs, ensuring a safe and efficient unit.

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